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東京都美術館で開催されている展示『第47回 美術の祭典 東京展』にて「奨励賞」を受賞致しました。

この度、東京都美術館で開催されている展示『第47回 美術の祭典 東京展』にて「奨励賞」を受賞致しました。




今回奨励賞を受賞した作品『my dear』は、普段私の作品に登場している"うるう秒の住人"に向けた手紙のような作品です。私は彼らを直接見たことはないけれど、いつもそばにいてくれて素晴らしい世界を見せてくれる感謝の気持ちを込めています。


I have received an encouraging prize on the 47th Art Festival Tokyoten at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum.

The “Tokyoten” was formed in 1975 in order to seek freedom of expression and presentation, and to aim to become the place of creation where never give in authoritarianism.

The genre widely covers Painting (concrete, non-concrete), Sculpture, Picture book, Comic Art, Prints, Illustration and Photographs, etc.

The big difference from other exhibition is to show works of artists which the steering committee recommends and artists are presenting their works with his own strict responsibility independently.

In the initial steering committee members, famous artists such as Taro Okamoto, Shuji Terayama belonged to and Osamu Tezuka exhibited his works in Comic area.

My work “my dear” that received the prize this time is something like letter to “residents in the leap seconds” who appear in my usual works.

Although I never saw them directly, I am expressing my appreciation for them to stay always at my side and to show me beautiful world.

Since in these severe situation, it would be appreciated if you could come to see the exhibition.

塩沢かれん作品『my dear』





会場:東京都美術館 2階 1-4展示室









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