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Karen Shiozawa


1998 神奈川生まれ

2020 東京造形大学 絵画専攻領域卒業

2022 東京造形大学大学院 美術研究領域在籍

2023 東京展美術協会会員


1998 Born in Kanagawa

2020 B.A. in Painting Major Tokyo Zokei University         

2020 Currently Major in Fine Arts  Graduate School of Tokyo Zokei University 

2023 Member of  Art Festival Tokyoten

          Member of  JAA







 Real true world - it would be the memory of the world which could once exist or the appearance of the future what I have not seen yet.

People who saw my artworks recognize the worlds which could exist countlessly and can feel an admiration or nostalsia for the bright and unforthmobal extent of space which can be seen through the gap of those worlds, then they can open many doors of imagination.

Bridging people's consciousness to consciousness,recognition to recognition, I would like to create artworks which can capture people's voice of heart that people could not notice in the real world.


2021 "The 47th Art Festival -Tokyo Exhibition-" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) Excellence Award

2019"45th Art Festival -Tokyo Exhibition-(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)  Encouragement Award

2018 "Asian Creative Art Exhibition 2018" (The National Art Center, Tokyo) Best Art Award

2017 "Five Art University Exchange Exhibition 2017" (Musashino Art University) & nbsp; Asian Imaginative Art Exhibition Award Special Excellence Award

solo exhibitions

2022 Beyond the sea of melody”( Karuizawa New Art Museum/ Karuizawa)

2022 "Residents of leap second" (GALLERY AND LINKS81/Ginza)

2022 "starry skyKanenhua -Galaxy Carnival-" (Shiraishi Gallery/Taiwan)

​2020 "Music Box of Light" (Whitestone Ginza New gallery/Ginza)

2019 "Leap Second Resident" (Gallery Canon / Ginza)

Group Shows

2022 "The 48th Art Festival - Tokyo Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Ueno)

2022 "Contrasting Confluences" (Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong / Hong Kong) 

2021"The 47th Art Festival -Tokyo Exhibition-" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2021 "Dimensions" (Whitestone Gallery / Ginza)
2021 "ART POINT Selection Ⅳ" (GALLERY ART POINT/ Ginza)

2021 "Tokyo Art Association Small Works Exhibition" (Gallery Seiko Do/Ginza)

2020 "San Ninten" (Gallery Niiku / Omotesando)
2020 "Little Fables" (Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong / Hong Kong)
2020 "ART POINT selection I" (GALLERY ART POINT/ Ginza)

2019 "GALLERY ART POINT Grand Prize Exhibition KIZUNA2019" (GALLERY ART POINT/Ginza)

2019 "45th Tokyo Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

2019 "The Power of Art" (Isetan Shinjuku)
2019 "Konjaku Izu Exhibition" (GINZA SIX/ Ginza)

2018"Futari ~Unique multi-talented~ (Double exhibition)" (Gallery Niiku / Omotesando)

2018"The 44th Tokyo Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

2018"Visit" (Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)

2018"The Resonant World (Four Artists Exhibition)" (Gallery Canon / Ginza)

2018"Things from Another World" (Ginza Mitsukoshi)

2018"Miniature Painting Exhibition" (Gallery Canon/Ginza)

2018"Tokyo Exhibition Fresh Exhibition" (Art Space Ginza One / Ginza)

2018 "Asian Creative Art Exhibition" (The National Art Center, Tokyo) 

2017"The 43rd Tokyo Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

2017"My Thoughts Book Exhibition" (Gallery Canon / Ginza)

2017"99 People Exhibition" (Gallery Q/Ginza)

2017"Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition 2017" (Musashino Art University)

2017“Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition Small Works Exhibition” (Ginza Modern Art Gallery/Ginza)


​Art Fair




2022「ONE ART Taipei 2022」(台湾)

2021「Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021」(北京)
2021「ART TAIPEI 2021」(台湾)
2020「ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2020」(上海)

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