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Solo Exhibition in Beijing

▍Karen Shiozawa Solo Exhibition

"光之假面舞会-Masquerade of Light"

▍2023, 8/26 - 9/16


Whitestone Gallery Beijing


Sevenstar St. (E), 798 Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

▍ Opening Hours

11:00 - 18:00


Opening Reception

08.26, 14:00-17:00


Artist will be present





白石画廊北京荣幸地宣布将于2023年8月26日至9月16日期间,呈现艺术家盐泽凯伦(b.1998)在中国大陆的首次个展《光之假面舞会》(Masquerade of Light)。本次展览将展示她的最新作品,使我们的想象空间无限扩大。在艺术家盐泽凯伦创造的华丽舞台中,诠释一个个梦境与现实交织的场景。



"Life is a masquerade."


In a fleeting glimmer of light, he puts on a mask, and when the bell rings to signal the end of his dream, he takes off the mask. And then he takes another mask in his hand as he walks through the world.


Joy, hope, sorrow, passion...The way they dance with illusions under their masks is an opera called "Life".


- Karen Shiozawa



Whitestone Gallery Beijing is pleased to present Karen Shiozawa's first solo exhibition in mainland China,“Masquerade of Light”, on view from August 26th to September 16th, 2023. The exhibition showcases a series ofher latest works that will expand our imagination. The splendid stage that the artist creates will illustrate scenes where dreams and reality are intertwined.


Karen Shiozawa (b.1998) is an up-and-coming artist who has just completed her M.A. in Fine Arts at Tokyo ZokeiUniversity. Her childhood experience in the Netherlands is strongly reflected in her work, with a unique spatial perspective, and the contrast of light and dark. To depict a world that can be perceived other than visually, she has sought out representations using elements such as sound and light which appeal directly to the viewer's five senses.Windmills, classical arches, church steeples, and other European architectural elements are featured in her works.She adopts the technique of chiaroscuro, exaggerating the contrast of light and shadows, and in the meantime harmonize all vivid colors. Shiozawa's work has a rigorous, detailed style- she flaps the paintbrush to apply beautiful hues and then outlines her imagination, and besides, she uses a needle to scratch the base color while painting. After all the delicate processes and the final use of the tapping technique to create a soft light effect, a verisimilar scene appeared in front of viewers.


This exhibition is the artist's wish that viewers will discover the "joy of imagination" through her works. She is offstage today, gazing at the beauty hidden in everyday life; the action metaphors the spotlight shines on the infinite stage of the world, capturing small but yet memorable moments. Each work of Shiozawa's creation has a sense of rhythm that resonates with the inner soul beneath the masks of each and every viewer.




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